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USB Cup Cooler

USB Warmer\Cooler    FTUW1002

Item No: FTUW1002

Product Name: USB Cup Cooler
1) Plug this USB cooler directly to the USB port of your computer,
    no driver and other power source are needed
2) Simply place your drink on top of the pad and choose working method (cool
    or warm), everything will be OK soon
3) Plug it to a USB port without any transformer, and the cold plate quickly feels
4) Cold plate temperature: 10~15¡ãC
5) Simply place anything on the cold plate and allow it variously to cool down
    or to stay cool
6) Cold plate diameter: 65mm
7) Product size: 14 x 9 x 3.7cm
8) Color available: white
9) Material: ABS, aluminum, steel
10) Operated by 5V USB power


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